Secrets of a celebrity Facialist – Face massage for Acne & Sensitive skin


Hi, after many requests I wanted to do a facial massage routine to benefit acne, spot prone, rosacea & sensitive skins and also help to detox and get rid of puffiness. All these skin conditions at any age can enjoy the benefits of facial massage, however it needs to be different from traditional face massage.

This at home routine is using Manual Lymphatic Drainage methods (MLD) A therapy I have worked with in treatment for years and is used all over the world in spas & health clinics for many health benefits. working with your bodies natural detoxification process to help removes toxins from the skin, de- puff, brighten, encourage fresh nutrients flow, so this also has a great anti-ageing benefit too.

Do this massage on clean skin without any product or oil on the skin, the pressure is really light.

After the massage you might choose to use a toner, apply a light serum or your preferred cream.

You can do this routine as often as you like, morning or night.

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