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This video contains are shooting at That place, named are blow (1)

Nilphamari sadar, Nilphamari UEPZ. (1) kazir hat, (2)dinajpur sadar, dinajpur. (3) birgonj, (4) Sarkar para (5) volanathpur,

the main part of actor name is monjurul, Abu Taleb, Habib, belal, Arif,Manik, rabbi, rahat, abdur asraful, Mosharof and others.

this video director is Kamruzzaman Hasu.

Assistant director is Emran Mondal.

Assistant director is Monjurul.

Camera man 1: Emran Mondal

Camera man 2: Kamruzzaman Hasu

Camera man 3: Monjurul

Edit by Kamruzzaman Hasu.

script writers: Monjurul, Kamruzzaman Hasu, Mosarof.

content provider: Rainbow TV bd

I am the founder of all in one Tv bd, My name is
Kamruzzaman Hasu.

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