Sir Willow Responds to Fight at Disneyland- What Happened and Where Was Security? | News and Views


There was a big fight at Disneyland’s Toontown on July 6, and it was ugly. What happened? Where was security and why did it take them so long? And what’s going to be the results? NOTE- THERE IS NO VIDEO FOOTAGE OF THE FIGHT IN THIS VIDEO

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A behind the scenes look at what a former worker at Disney World, Silver Dollar City, and Busch Gardens Florida experienced in his time working at the parks. From driving large safari trucks around live wild animals while cracking one silly joke after another, to spending 5 years as a PhotoPass photographer at Walt Disney World and seeing and experiencing all sorts of things, to being a conductor and train robber on the famous Frisco Silver Dollar Line at Silver Dollar City. With 10 years of working in the parks, there’s lots of stories to tell. Here is some of them…

Not only did I work in theme parks for 10 years, I’ve visited a whole lot of them as well. Here’s some stories of great visits, not so great visits, favorites, reviews, and much more.

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