Spanish Accent Battle: Celebrity Edition


Celebrities try different Spanish accents in 60 seconds @ the Latin Billboard Awards con Telemundo! #BIllboards2017

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Strictly Latin
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.



Made by BFMP

Pero Like

  1. Casey Castro
  2. Joselyn Martinez
  3. Rayana’s Room
  4. Sasha Morris
  5. Green Katadie
  6. Steve Morales
  7. Brianna Alvarado
  8. Mya Rodriguez
  9. Michelle
  10. Rebecca Sandoval
  11. DaMaLoJo
  12. Kami CNCOWNER
  13. Veronica Daniela Orellana
  14. Lorianie Torres
  15. Abby FDZ
  16. r1l3y f3rn
  17. Mrs.Cherry Queen
  18. Cute Doggo
  19. the jlofam
  20. Dope shit
  21. SPN Fan
  22. candy lora
  23. Basic Mexicana
  24. Ulisis Garcia