Stairs are Hard! | Funny Fails June 2018


No one hates taking the stairs more than me. It’s the unnecessary cardio that I don’t need in my life. This compilation further proves why I don’t mess around with the stairway! Because stairs are hard! But you don’t have to be a stairmaster to like this new funny video! Today we’re giving you a compilation of some of our most hilarious clips of people and pets failing at that thing we know all to well…the stairs!

Like this video if you also avoid taking the stairs. Comment down below and tell us which hilarious funny stair fail made you laugh the hardest. Was is the doggo at 7:28 who is going up the stairs backwards with a cone on his head? Or was it the trick or treater at 1:58? His costume was so boxy that he couldn’t get up the stairs! LOL! Tell us in the comment section below.

Stairs are Hard! | Funny Fails June 2018

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