STRANGE Celebrity Alter Egos


Alter egos have been considered to be a form of expression that allows artists to break free from the mold of their established image. Some artists go this route as a way to give their devoted fans something “fresh” and different. From Christina Aguilera to Lady Gaga, here are some of the most iconic celebrity alter egos ever created.

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7. Jennifer Lopez
Did you know that Jennifer Lopez sort of had an alter ego? If not, that’s okay because the rise and fall of Lola came just as fast as she disappeared. Back in 2009, J-Lo created a Twitter account with the handle “Lola” and her first tweet read “Lola here. What’s my deal? Well, wouldn’t you like to know….” A MySpace page and even a teaser website were created under the same. Apparently, this was all publicity for Lopez’s song “Fresh Out the Oven” featuring Pitbull. The president of her music label Epic Records stated that it was nothing more than just a character for the song and it wasn’t turning into a full-on alter ego.

6. Lady Gaga
Gaga herself has graced us with various ensembles that range from wacky to iconic such as the singer’s infamous meat dress. But in 2011, Gaga took it one step further and gave us Joe Calderone. The singer’s cigarette smoking Italian male alter ego made his debut at the MTV Video Music Awards and starred in the “You and I” music video. Calderone has also posed for Vogue Hommes Japan. Like most celebrities that branch off and create a whole other persona, Gaga eventually retired Joe from the spotlight to focus on being her true self. An appearance by him in the future is probably unlikely, but you never really know for sure.

5. Cee Lo Green
It was earlier this year in February that Cee Lo Green made his debut as his alter ego “Gnarly Davidson.” at the 2017 Grammy’s red carpet. When you look at this photo, do you see a singer? Or a power ranger villain? Or maybe one of those cute little Ferrari Ricochet candies. Trust us, the mocking didn’t stop there ! God only knows why he’d pull this stunt, but there hasn’t been any word on Gnarly’s activity since then. This is probably the last we’ve seen of him.

4. David Bowie
May one of the most influential and pioneering forces in music rest in peace. David Bowie was known for his eccentricity and for challenging the status quo. What helped catapult him into stardom and ultimately cement his legacy as a legend was that of his alien persona known as Ziggy Stardust. Everyone’s favorite red-headed alien was debuted back in the early 70’s as part of the Ziggy Stardust stage show and people fell in love with the concept. Bowie ultimately revealed later on that the fantasy of being Ziggy had ended up totally consuming him. The singer officially sent Ziggy packing on July 3, 1973, after performing a sold-out show at the Hammersmith Odeon Theatre.

3. Prince
The late, great Prince was a performer like no other who changed the way people of the world think about concepts such as masculinity and femininity, sexuality, and gender. So it’s no surprise that the multi-genre singer would want to explore his more feminine side by creating his very own alter ego. Known as Camille, Prince was working on an entire album solely for her until the whole concept and Camille herself were scrapped days before its initial release. Three songs from the 1986 unreleased album, “If I Was Your Girlfriend, Housequake, and Strange Relationship, contain Camille’s vocals, which were Prince’s just sped up, were released on the album “Sign O’ The Times.”

2. Beyoncé
As part of her third full-length solo album, “I Am…Sasha Fierce”, the Queen B herself decided to channel her onstage persona of the same name into the album. In an interview with Marie Claire magazine, Beyoncé said that when she’s performing as Ms. Fierce she isn’t feeling self-conscious as to how her face and body are looking in that moment. She only feels completely fearless. Who knew Beyoncé would ever feel insecure? By the time her fourth studio album “4” dropped, she went on record as saying she no longer needed Sasha in order to feel fearless and the alter ego was completely done away with. Rest in power Sasha Fierce, you’ll be missed.

1. Nicki Minaj
The only reason that Beyoncé isn’t number one, like always, is that Nicki Minaj has her beat by 14 other alter egos. That’s right, fourteen! Her respective other halves are named Cookie, Female Weezy, The Harajuku Barbie, Lap Dance Nika, Martha Zolanski, Nicki Lewinsky, Nicki Teresa, Nicki the Ninja, Nicole, Norman, Point Dexter, Roman Zolanski, Rosa, and Tyrone. Born Onika Maraj, she once stated that she would create other personas as a way to escape her traumatic childhood and would also create them as necessary for her music videos. Her most notable ones are The Harajuku Barbie and Roman Zolanski, though she stated she “killed” off Roman. These days she’s having fun just being Nicki.


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