The $24,000,000 Lifestyle of Cardi B


Cardi B’s rise to hip hop fame over the last 5 years has made her one of the most notable female rappers to hit the scene in a long time. The 27-year-old hip hop artist is no stranger to working her way up, with an estimated net worth of $24,000,000. Born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx, New York, Cardi B is anything but shy when it comes to showing off her life of luxury. And when you’ve got a following of 63.2 million people on Instagram, there’s not much point in hiding it. Her massive following has taken a virtual tour through her 22,500-square-foot mansion, valued at an estimated $5.8 million, which she bought with her husband Offset just before Christmas in 2019. In addition to that, Cardi B threw a $400,000 first birthday party for her daughter Kulture and, even though she’s widely known as the grown adult who doesn’t have a license, Cardi owns an impressive collection of cars that includes a bright orange Bentley, a Maybach and a Lamborghini worth $500,000. And if there’s anything that shows that Cardi has expensive taste, it has to be her fashion sense. The hip hop star admitted in an Instagram video that she spends about $300,000 a month on her outfits, which works out to about $3.6 million a year. She’s dressed by some of the biggest designers in the fashion world, with clothing and jewelry made exclusively for her. Curious on what else Cardi B spends her money on? Well then we got you covered. Here is an exclusive inside look at the $24,000,000 Lifestyle of Cardi B.

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