The Biggest Celebrity Fan From All 30 NBA Teams


What other celebrities support your favorite team?

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Every NBA fan base consists has millions of members.

But all 30 teams feature a handful of celebrity supporters. Famous athletes, music artists, actors, politician, you name it. They make sure the support of their NFL team is well known.

I’m Mike Cantalupo, and today we present you every NBA team’s biggest celebrity fan.

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Host: Mike Cantalupo
Editor: Jason Biondo
Written By: Alex Hoegler


  1. TPS
  2. 1 million subs without a vid
  3. Aymen Elamin
  4. TripleL8 !
  5. Matt Wangler
  6. Kevin Guevara
  7. Ev0luti0n Gaming
  8. Bean Zeus
  9. KingIsCalledSingh
  10. Lily Rice
  11. Christopher Newman
  12. zcke 38 g
  13. Xx 7RUGER7 xX
  14. LegitKid 329
  15. Jai Dindiyal
  16. lazz
  17. Mr. sharp
  18. Nick Doyon
  19. Archamedious Baseball_Jedi_17
  20. c-army Malcom
  21. lil yeet
  22. Jameson Palmer
  23. Kev&Pet Holenbakken
  24. Georgina McHugh
  25. PopTartsAreRavioli
  26. A Happy Saints Fan
  27. ALKOT -