The Life of Marty 033


If you live on a boat or in an rv you inevitably run into questions about the toilet, or ‘head’. I use the ‘Nature’s Head’ dry composting toilet. In it I use coco coir as a composting medium. It’s actually the least smelly toilet I’ve ever used. But it requires a little more work than a normal toilet. And I think it is WAY better than using a holding tank, which can be extremely nasty when things go bad. If you have questions about how this all works, I suggest clicking the following link. It is the video that convinced me to buy the toilet I have.

If you haven’t seen my attempt to make my own composter, as well as some other intricate wood working failures, check out this older video from back when I was getting ready to live full-time on my boat…

And, yes! As I said at the end of this video, I am looking forward to the world opening back up and I plan to remain open. At least until the end of the year. If not longer. Time will tell if finances allow me to continue on beyond that, but I won’t just disappear without giving the business a fighting chance.


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