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The Daily Sun is South Africa’s best selling newspaper. Every day five million copies are printed. The main reason of its success: stories about superstition. Bram Vermeulen walks one day with a newspaper reporter. They meet a woman whose son died four years ago in a car crash. But a few years later she finds him again. Alive in a bus.

In South Africa, magic is for both poor and rich or black and white and it plays an indispensable role in life. “You can decide that it’s just madness, but by doing so you will miss the essence of what is so important to many South Africans” says Bram Vermeulen. In an open-minded way, through 8 short films, he shows us this bizarre world of faith, so weird to us, but real to the South Africans.

© VPRO – Presented and directed by: Bram Vermeulen
Camera: Henner Frankenfeld
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