This game will be my end!


Hello there friends my name is Bob aka Trystin i’m a South African Part time Streamer wanting to be a full time streamer, i have a job that i like, i’m a TIG welder at the moment and working on getting a red seal! i make weird videos and do strange stuff an sing weird music i hope you enjoy my content and if you have any request please feel free to give em i don’t mind at all! 🙂 hope you have yourself a wonderful day!

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PC specs! :

Ram: 24 GB
Graphics card: GTX 1050TI 4 GB
Motherboard: MSI H110M Pro-VH PLUS
Processor:Intel(R)Core(TM)i5-7500 Cpu @3.40Ghz
isp: Telkom LTE (2mb up and down)
The mouse keyboard and head set i got as a combo for $24
Mouse and keyboard (cheap):Red Dragon

Bob De Frog