[TIC] Overcome Russia With This One Weird Trick Part 8 ACTUALLY DOING IT EDITION #FREETONGA


I’M BACK BABY and this time I’m going to give the people of Ukraine, and Tonga, what they deserve.

And if you don’t know what this is about, it’s a more experienced return to the EUIV scenario I tried here: https://youtu.be/LzFyi1U4r-8

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  1. Black Heart
  2. Pedro Joao
  3. Jorg the Mercenary Spearman
  4. RemusKingOfRome5
  5. TheFoxOfWar
  6. TheMcgreary
  7. N.Might Slapallama
  8. Sir Donnerbold Duck
  9. Harlequin Ely
  10. Guacamoli Cheese
  11. Romulus Numa
  12. Jo Blow
  13. rock
  14. De VILLIERS Grobler
  15. Armour King
  16. Cullen Kerr
  17. Connor Brennan
  18. Le Miguel