Top 10 Brutally Honest Celebrity Interviews


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Everyone was glued to their TV screens when the most revealing/brutally honest celebrity interviews aired. We’re looking at interviews where celebrities revealed personal information and/or showed raw emotion, even if their answers weren’t always truthful. It’s time to get personal. MsMojo ranks the most brutally honest celebrity interviews. Which celebrity interview hit you the hardest? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Kiko Bang
  2. Kanika Garal
  3. TASconfidential
  4. Noel Nolan
  5. becca♡boo
  6. Rashad Sims
  7. nemoran
  8. Rayne Kolkin
  9. Makaokao Nthane
  10. Blood Eagle223
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  13. BRAVO 808 MoN
  14. Brandon Robinson
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  16. KP Shirley
  17. Joann Kennedy
  18. Sebouh Simonian
  19. Sebouh Simonian
  20. LoveBeautista
  21. Klaus Kircchoff
  22. Roland Cuthbert
  23. Claude Carriere
  24. Bati Uysal
  25. Jaden Taylor