Top 10 Celebrity Audience Reactions


Top 10 Celebrity Audience Reactions
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Award shows are known for producing some pretty awesome celebrity reactions. From Justin Timberlake’s reaction to the Britney-Madonna kiss, to Tommy Lee Jones’ scowl and Christian Slater’s puzzled look, WatchMojo is counting down the best, funniest and most awkward celebrity audience reactions.

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#10: Pink
#9: Multiple Reactions to Tom Hiddleston
#8: Justin Timberlake
#7: Multiple Reactions to Sean Spicer
#6: Tommy Lee Jones
#5: Leonardo DiCaprio
#4: Taylor Swift
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Rosalinda Garza
  2. rizon72
  3. Metal Militia
  4. Skorch Row
  5. qwerty lord
  6. brainsareus
  7. fox on the run
  8. A Fancy Cow
  9. Walter Radtke
  10. Me123you1me
  11. Michael Jazz
  12. heather haze
  13. Viktors Buls
  14. terrell anderson
  15. Ironcity418
  16. Luke Breslin
  17. That Murder Inc.
  18. AND • 613
  19. TheMako990 Mako
  20. ray finkle
  21. Facina
  22. Rhod Valenciaga
  23. Kid Kantha
  24. Steffen Dreyer
  25. Anna Lewaicei
  26. Elena Charles
  27. zondaintheair
  28. Peter Wilson
  29. David Korb