Top 10 Celebrity Audition Tapes You Need to See


Top 10 Celebrity Audition Tapes You Need to See // Subscribe:

We can’t imagine anyone else with these roles other than these celebs! For this list we’re taking a look at the Top 10 best celebrity audition tapes you need to watch! We’ve included celebs like Ellen Page for her role in Juno, Robert Ne Diro for his role in The Godfather, Emma Stone in Easy A, Steve Carrel in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Rachel McAdams in The Notebook and more!

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  1. Lilianah Barton
  2. Kaitlyn Chung
  3. Denise Milfort
  4. Ciará Castex
  5. Nano Fire Gaming
  6. Khalif Shirad
  7. Rose Adams
  8. Glass Dragon
  9. Monalisa Bytch
  10. Richard Fajardo
  11. cassyluv Sanchez
  12. Sarah Noble
  13. Scotti Brown
  14. Nicolas Ribeiro dos Santos
  15. Nicolas Ribeiro dos Santos
  16. Alex Xolo
  17. Haley Faragalli
  18. Manel Martin
  19. zaphod
  20. Paula D.G.