Top 10 Celebrity Returns from Disgrace


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Hey, everybody messes up once in a while, especially celebrities! Or at least, when they mess up, the public eye is watching. However, thankfully the public eye is forgiving, and even if you cause major controversy, harm your own reputation, or even harm someone else’s, you can still have your return from disgrace, just like Mickey Rourke, Robert Downey Jr., Mel Gibson, Justin Bieber, and many others did!

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  1. jon Doe
  2. jon Doe
  3. MM
  4. Yān-Mān
  5. HollyWood Tre
  6. clexis14
  7. Mon Kyo
  9. Mia Rose
  10. Eleven Eggos
  11. alaskaisalexa
  12. Ichi Anime Worx Studio ドール ロニー
  13. Ichi Anime Worx Studio ドール ロニー
  14. SanraS Uzumaki
  15. WillieManga
  16. Sam C
  17. Alexia Tr
  18. Roy Rankins
  19. You Should Know ?
  20. Buckshot Jones
  21. Tiana Pi Tesr
  22. Abd El-rahman Atef
  23. NovaYT
  24. Ashley Golden
  25. David Angeletti
  26. Jakub Widlarz
  27. Zameer Patwa
  28. Excelsior32
  29. David Taylor
  30. Owen Muller
  31. Pankaj Singh
  32. OZA
  33. Ryo Bakura