Top 10 Fortnite Dances & Where They’re From


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Top 10 Fortnite Dances In Real Life
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Fortnite Battle Royale is the most popular game in the world right now! The colorful cast of characters, vibrant environments, and addictive 1 vs 100 gameplay has been universally praised by millions in the gaming community. However, one unexpected hit with gamers is the popularity of the wacky dances your characters can perform! For this list, we’re taking a look at Fortnite’s most popular dances and the television shows and movies that feature them!

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List Entries & Rank:
#10: Hootenanny
#9: Jubilation
#8: Floss
#7: Chicken
#6: Dance Moves
#5: Tidy
#4: Orange Justice
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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  1. Lana O’Neil
  2. George Williams
  3. Huan Zhang
  4. Christina Cain
  5. RobloxTyler RobloxTyler
  6. minecraft puppy gaming
  7. stanley KB
  8. Sir Charlie
  9. Sir Charlie
  10. Chuck e. Cheeses
  11. Mason Barber
  12. Cas Neven
  13. annie leblanc
  14. PhantominvizTuber
  15. Lyn Bogan
  16. Aidan Del Favero
  17. Teressa Nicholson
  18. Richard X
  19. Ethan Not so Ethxetor the Fused
  20. jennifer tepepa
  21. Angel Remigio
  22. Scopa Steve
  23. Im a duck quack
  24. Dean Yorkie
  25. Juan Lopez
  26. sam iexy
  27. Delia The Theatre Nerd
  28. Kellen Larsen
  29. Thomas Park
  30. MiaYikes _17
  31. Sofia Luis
  32. Leeton Holligan
  33. Kayleigh and lily S & l
  34. Yourbestm8bro
  35. KelvinThePianoGuy
  36. Gustavo Gallegos
  37. Alexander Betar
  38. xd ZyGr
  39. Mason Micknak
  40. Salina_ Studios
  41. KMO Must watch 2
  42. Cujo Rules
  43. Bendycupheadsonic 4025
  44. FreSolar CZ
  45. sulk kid
  46. The iron duck