Top 10 Inappropriate Sonic Moments


Top 10 Inappropriate Sonic Moments
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We here at Top 10 Gaming are no stranger to the weirdness of Sonic. Don’t get us wrong – the character is an icon that has been an important part of the video game industry and its growth. But it has also been responsible for a lot of weird crap, and a lot of it feels borderline inappropriate. Since we’ve pretty much detailed all of the really weird, uncomfortable and oh so nasty moments that have occurred in canon Sonic games, this time around, we’re going to be discussing the fandom itself. Things within the world of Sonic based on the games or the animated shows that the fandom (or, at least the raunchier side of the fandom) have tainted and perverted. And oh boy, there’s a lot of it. Some of the numbers on this list aren’t safe for work, others are, but will make you feel super uncomfortable/you’d never want to show this stuff to a kid. Avoid traumatizing them at all costs. So with all that in mind, here’s our list of the top 10 inappropriate sonic moments.  

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