Top 10 Latest African Music Videos


#africatop10 #africandance #africanmusic #africa #2nacheki African music is a catch-all term encompassing the rich variety of contemporary music styles — typically urban, traditional, electric dance music, Afrobeat,hip-hop etc

Here are Top 10 African Music Videos of January 2018

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  1. Duceysane Ina salebaan
  2. ouiplus nonplus
  3. Quen somalii
  4. Stephan Azor
  5. Evoloko Lengana 31Hartington Lengana victoire
  6. johnson Wella
  7. Iyobo Festus
  8. Iyobo Festus
  9. Georges Defernand Fian
  10. lino conceicao
  11. Megs Megamillion
  12. Beatrice Bolger
  13. Thomas Kallmyr
  14. Mrs. CLARK
  15. Ullum HERO
  16. Nitzia. _Anahi
  17. Peggy Bennett
  18. C'koi L'Projet
  19. Tc Smeth
  20. Alan Masenge
  21. tusiime joelbanx
  22. Hamze Yusuf
  23. Cat Mugenya