Top 10 most dramatic Bundesliga goals – Lewandowski, Bobadilla & Co.

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It’s never over until it’s over. There is nothing quite like the thrill of a last-minute goal. Dramatic comebacks, last-gasp despair, titles won and lost with the final kick of the game. The Bundesliga has had its fair share of last-gasp excitement down the years. Hold tight and get ready for our top 10 latest goals. Be sure to let us know which your favourite was in the comments below.

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  1. Salmaan Allarakhia
  2. Dávid Poulsson á Líðarenda
  3. Đømıñık #XeFAN
  4. siper322
  5. You'reWatchingMe
  6. FireSonata
  7. Adam Khafi
  8. Hamza Elalami
  9. Kondudo
  10. Nefi Castillo
  11. Onza 31
  12. Hunter Fauci
  13. Aryna Noerbayu
  14. Orange Gaming
  15. NurDer S04
  16. lazarus921
  17. lazarus921
  18. Ces Maria Amular
  19. CaliphaGaming
  20. darien lim
  21. paulo añazco
  22. Kacperpp Tarczynski
  23. Nobrey
  24. Mateusz Nowocien
  25. Andrew Wilding
  27. Lionel Messi
  28. Carlos Peña