Meet the top 10 most popular dinosaurs.

-Tyrannosaurus Rex
And in the first place we find the famous and indisputably popular T. Rex.

This carnivore is known worldwide for the Jurasic Park movie saga.

It is difficult to imagine a prehistoric past without these horned creatures. With three horns, this herbivore is considered the rival of the T.Rex.

What, you thought we were going to forget what might be the best-known flying dinosaur? Well indeed, this species is one of the first to be identified as a flying reptile.

This species is normally recognized by its arched back loaded with plates and quills that were used mainly to defend themselves, since they were herbivores.

And since we are talking about size, why not show one of the longest species that existed.

When one thinks of extremely dangerous dinosaurs, one wouldn’t probably think of the Spinosaurus, despite being considered one of the most lethal species due to its aggressive .

Although its name is not familiar to many, this species is also known as “marine dinosaurs”. From what is known about this reptile is that they were good swimmers and fed mainly on mollusks and squid-like animals.

This gigantic species was discovered in what is now North America, and when we speak of its size we are not kidding, since it is approximately 66 feet in length.

-Ankylosaurus Magniventris
Also known only as Ankylosaurus, it lived at the end of the Cretaceous period and is well known for its armor that covered its entire back.
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