TOP 10: Most watched in January 2019 – Eurovision Song Contest


Every month we look back at the ten most watched videos on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube Channel. We combine the views of performance videos and preview videos to find out which songs you have been watching the most.

There are two newcomers this month. Can Bonomo makes it to the top 10 for the first time. He represented Turkey at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku with the song Love Me Back. The other newcomer is the first 2019 song to make it to the top 10: Miki from Spain with La Venda.

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Eurovision Song Contest

  1. Eurovision Sarah
  2. Neman Abidov
  3. Rochi ESC
  4. Natella Qurbanova
  5. Dakbbnnnm Vhjkk
  6. Efekan Sever
  7. Salih Öztoprak
  8. Kutsal Kurt
  9. Michaela Dienstl
  10. Uğur ufuk Gelen
  11. alberto gh
  12. Trafalgar Law
  13. Efekan Sever
  14. usedtogiveadamn butnevergaveafuck
  15. M GT
  16. edmundo flores
  17. Elinor Carlisle
  18. Toni Arias
  19. Peepee Train
  20. BeAreYou
  21. Sotiris Christou
  22. David Barrios Rodríguez
  23. Lía Janeiro
  25. Fide
  26. Agruscatering catering, кейтерінг, кейтеринг
  27. Samara Singer Schereave
  28. Denis Mustaev
  29. meraba91
  30. Ati Ozk
  31. Ülkü Ayyıldız
  32. Miran Iseini
  33. Julia Boyun
  34. Wonder Woman
  35. nat .c
  36. Paula Villa
  37. Мария Митрофанова
  38. MI Mashups
  39. Yunus emre Taş