Top 10 Quarterbacks in the NFL 2020


I waited until the playoffs were over to rank this list because clutch factor comes out in the post-season. The best Quarterbacks in the NFL have the ability to take over a game. They can bring a winning culture which no other position can. These are the top 10 Quarterbacks in the NFL 2020.

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NFL Top Ten

  1. NFL Top Ten
  2. Bryson Sullivan
  3. DJ Mck
  4. Ryan Flanagan
  5. Soviet Union
  6. Jane Nickerson
  7. Little Sesh
  8. Ronnie Webb
  9. Maximus Gelinas
  10. Erik Gonzalez
  11. XxDead June
  12. Kai Perry
  13. L D
  14. elijah williams
  15. Sam Davis
  16. Alex Collection
  17. Benny Boi
  18. Griffin Castle
  19. MrJewfro13
  20. Little Gamer
  21. Caroline Jarboe
  22. Jackson Moody
  23. Mason Miller
  25. No
  26. Carter Dirkes
  27. Brett Pak
  28. Ian Hawkes
  29. Liam Whitney
  31. Dallyn Camp
  32. Smashy Roadkid
  33. R.W. Skinner
  34. Rafael Martinez