Top 10 Robot Animals You Won’t Believe Exist


Amazing scientists love to build incredible animal robots. Here are the Top 10 Robot Animals That Exist!
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Robot Animals That Exist! Fish – Computer scientists from the University of Essex in the UK developed a self-guided robot fish named Robo-Carp ! And if you want something a little larger, check out robot shark , tested by the U.S Navy for collecting data on tides, currents and weather conditions. Cockroach – From creating an app that can be used to control them… Yes it is a real thing … to using them as inspiration for search and rescue missions, the cockroach is surprisingly helpful in the scientific field. Serpents – Developed by Mechanical engineers at Stanford is this snake robot which can twist and grow in any direction! It also took inspiration from organisms that cover distance by growing, such as nerve cells and vines. Four-legged animals – Created by MIT and funded by DARPA- The Defence Advanced Research Project Agency, Cheetah 2 took 5 years of designing, testing and final adjustments to complete. It’s about the same size as an actual cheetah and can reach speeds of up to 13 mph.

iStruct – Also known as Charlie the Chimp, this robot was Developed by the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence. Salto – Inspired by the Senegal bush baby , UC Berkeley engineers used this super cute animal as inspiration for this robot due to it scoring the highest in “vertical jumping agility”. Penguins – Aqua Penguins have an aerodynamic and streamline shape that allows them to use energy efficiently. Flying Creatures – These bionic butterflies were designed and created by Festo. They combine ultralight construction of artificial insects with synchronized flying behaviours. Gekko Octopus – Created by Stanford Univerity, StickyBot is based on these cute little car-insurance selling guys …Geckos! RoboBee – And the smallest robot in this list is the RoboBee ! Researchers at Harvard had a goal of creating a small robot that can fly and land effectively, with the end result being the creation of RoboBee.

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