Top 10 Spectacular Senior Citizens on America's and Britain's Got Talent, Best AGT – BGT Auditions


Top 10 Spectacular Senior Citizens on America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, Best AGT – BGT Auditions, Top Most views of old people’s Amazing performances on the Got Talent TV Shows plus an Extra 2 Wonderful Golden Buzzer Winners, Simon Cowell and All the Judges starts Singing and Dancing to the Unexpected Talent from these Fantastic Old People giving their very best with their Incredible Performances on the Most Popular Got Talent Show On Earth! i hope you enjoy this top 10 most Viewed/watched first audition old timers singing Funny original songs and other mixed Talent Acts compilation! video content includes Beautiful Singing Voice Act and Incredible Dancing Performance plus The World’s Strongest Old Man and many more Stunning Acrobatics Tricks and Standing Ovation Talents, please don’t forget to Subscribe and check out my Youtube Channel for even more Great Talent Videos, this video compilations has been made for entertainment purpose only and all rights to Fremantlemedia and ITV. best ever of all time old peoples got talent taken from many years of Favorite BGT and AGT Seasons, Created and uploaded for 2017 family viewing, no copyright infringement is or was intended.

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  1. DanFieldingistheMan
  2. Veerendra pal singh Rathore
  3. Guillermina Carvallo
  4. poolofmud
  5. Debra Stone
  6. Doyle Montgomery
  7. R D
  8. da don
  9. nicole albors
  10. wow dad
  11. is-haq wong
  12. kimow999
  13. Angela Magic Salveson
  14. Angela Magic Salveson
  15. Angela Magic Salveson
  16. Racel Miranda
  17. Destiny Animations
  18. Erika Boldrin
  19. ganga bhetwal
  20. Kimtea Varte Fishtail
  21. Global Watchman