Top 10 Viral Stars: Where Are They Now?


Top 10 Viral Stars: Where Are They Now?
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Whatever happened to so-and-so? From Jeremy Meeks, to David After Dentist, to the Charlie Bit My Finger kids, these once famous internet sensations’ fifteen minutes is up. So where are they now? WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Viral Stars: Where Are They Now?.

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#10. Jeremy Meeks
#9. David DeVore Jr. [aka “David After Dentist”]
#8. Harry & Charlie DaviesCarr [aka “Charlie Bit My Finger”]
#7. Caitlin Upton
#6. Alex Lee [aka “Alex from Target”]
#5. Ghyslain Raza [aka “Star Wars Kid”]
#4. Tay Zonday [aka “Chocolate Rain Guy”]
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Heather Smith
  2. knowslittle 2
  3. knowslittle 2
  4. ibis otter 273
  5. p o
  6. apollo684
  7. iron grip 455
  8. Maximilian Mus
  9. Ronnie Cool
  10. Hotelmanshb
  11. chef bella
  12. Nadia Reis
  13. Jacob Sacringieuos
  14. Generation X
  15. Carlotta H
  16. Zeki FanBoy
  17. cathode ray kid
  18. Chad Elkins
  19. ronni dillon
  20. David Spencer
  21. Gregory
  22. Kins 3301
  23. LOS SAN
  24. Chris White
  25. Mahesh G
  26. Eric Monaco
  27. Nathan Cowart
  28. Enlil Occidio Sabbateans
  29. The Chad
  30. Anonymous Kun
  31. darthkelci
  32. Tim Del
  33. Ben Stanley
  34. Kenny Forbes
  35. She is a bitch B I C T H
  36. Zachary Kariotis
  37. Jesus Christ
  38. I am very mysterious