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The ‘Top 10 Viral Videos on YouTube’ list is out for 2017, and collectively people spent over 40 MILLION HOURS watching these 10 videos. The #1 video pulled in over 182 million views and I’ll repeat: I’ve never heard of this video until today. Am I out of touch? Or did this video skip past me because it comes from an Asian show which airs in Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and China? I don’t have that answer. You’d think that a viral video with over 182 million views would be seen by just about every person who works on the Internet but I’ve never seen this weird ass video until now.

Anyway, before I ramble too much I want to get to the list of the Top 10 Viral Videos of 2017 (via TIME). This isn’t a list of the videos with the most overall views. Music videos would’ve taken 10 out of 10 on that list. This is the Top 10 Viral Videos of the past year.

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