Top 10 World's Best | PRO PUBG Mobile Players


Top 10 World’s Best | PRO PUBG Mobile Players
Here are the top 10 best or pro PUBG Mobile Players on my own opinion
10. I placed 10 empty so that none gets hurt.
9. The Bushka
8. Furki
7. Levinho
6. The7WorldsGaming
5. LØ·Juicy _
4. Powerbang Gaming
3. Izzo
2. Yanrique Wright
1. Rollexxx

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  2. rajendra lic
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  5. Kim Kuma
  6. Faik
  7. Its Denisss
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  10. James Bond
  11. Tahsin Arman
  12. Tahsin Arman
  13. DarkCat AZE
  14. Jkumar Singh
  15. AxiS Gaming
  16. PC games Pubg video malayalii
  17. TrigoVanix9383
  18. Mojafor Talukdar
  19. Mojafor Talukdar
  20. Vijay P Lal
  21. Sargento Mor
  22. Rama Subu
  23. Dev Mehta
  24. Itachi Uchiha
  25. čoç güŕü
  26. dodger