Welcome to the top 100 most viewed k-pop music videos released in 2019, thus far. If you think I’m missing a video that was released BEFORE May 10th, let me know! This week was uploaded a little early due to me moving home and not being sure of the internet quality!

Please remember, by the time you’re watching this, video views and rankings will have already changed! Especially with new or hot releases. If you think something is completely off though, please let me know!

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This will be uploaded every week, unless finals and midterms hit me hard. During those times, it may be every other week!


%% (Eung Eung) – Apink
19 – Stray Kids
2CM – Minseo ft Paul Kim
4:44 – Park Bom ft. Wheein (of MAMAMOO)
After You’ve Gone – M.C. The MAX
Alligator – MONSTA X
All Night – ASTRO
Angel – Chancellor ft Taeyeon (of Girls’ Generation)
Bad Habits – Shaun
Beautiful Goodbye – Chen (of EXO)
Bet Bet – NU’EST
Bird – Ha Sungwoon
Bloom Bloom – The Boyz
Blossom – Eunha x Ravi
Blow Your Mind – (G)I-DLE
Bom – BOL4
Bomb Bomb – KARD
Bon Bon Chocolat – EVERGLOW
Boxer – Stray Kids
Boy With Luv – BTS ft Halsey
Butterfly – LOONA
Cat & Dog – TXT
Chronosaurus – Stray Kids
Clock – Infinite
Crown – TXT
Dalla Dalla – ITZY
Danger – Super Junior D&E
dayfly – Dean
Dear Diary – Yeri (of Red Velvet)
Don’t Close Your Eyes – Gikwang (of Highlight)
Don’t Love Me – Lee Seokhoon
Dream About U – Nature
Enough – SF9
Fancy – TWICE
Fire Up – Woody
Flower – Haon
Focus – Kim Donghan
Focus On Me – JUS2
Four Seasons – Taeyeon
gogobebe – MAMAMOO
Gotta Go – CHUNGHA
HALA HALA (Hearts Awakened, Live Alive) – ATEEZ
Hocus Pocus – BVNDIT
Hollywood – AB6IX
Home – Seventeen
I’m A Star – Wooseok x Kuanlin
I’m Home – Minho (of SHINee)
I’m OK – iKON
I’m Not Over You – Ryeowook
I’m Sorry – VAV
In The Rain – Yoon Jisung
It’s Been A While – Loco ft Zion T
I Wanna Be – Key ft Soyeon (of (G)I-DLE)
Kill This Love – BLACKPINK
La La Love – WJSN
Loca – Favorite
Lonely – Gikwang ft Jiselle
L.O.V.E – Park Jihoon
Love Drunk – Epik High
Love Tonight – Hong Jinyoung
Maybe It’s Not Our Fault – Yerin Baek
Miroh – Stray Kids
No – CLC
Noir – Sunmi
Pinky Star (Run) – GWSN
Piri – Dreamcatcher
Q&A – Cherry Bullet
Ring Ring Ring – VeriVery
Rooftop – N.Flying
Say My Name – ATEEZ
Senorita – (G)I-DLE
Sha La La – Pentagon
She’s Fine – Heize
Song Request – Sora ft Suga of BTS
Spring – Park Bom
SSFW – Chanyeol (of EXO)
Stars Over Me – BOL4
Sunrise – GFRIEND
Taste – Woo
Terminal – Shaun
The Fifth Season – Oh My Girl
Thrilla Killa – VAV
Traveler – Shaun
Twit – HWASA
U Um U Um – Hyomin
Universe – Minhyun
Valkyrie – ONEUS
Vibe – 1TEAM
Victory Song – Stray Kids
Want – Taemin
We Must Love – ONF
What You Waiting For – R.TEE x ANDA
WiFi – Saturday
Woowa – DIA
X1-MA – Produce X 101
XI – Code Kunst
Ya – Huta (Lee Minhyuk)
You – Xiumin



#1 Song — Self-explanatory, but given to the song that is the #1 most viewed song of the week.

Climbed The Highest – Given to the song that moves up the most places from their previous week’s position. This doesn’t always mean the views increased the most, but it does mean that the view increase was drastic enough to move them up the most number of places.

Streaks – Given to songs that withhold their position in the top 10 for three weeks or more. (This does not mean that they have to stay in the peak position for three weeks. A song cannot move up or down for three weeks or more, within the top 10, to receive this. If a song DOES move up or down, it loses the award, but can regain it if, from that position, it stays for another three weeks.)

Re-Entry: Also self explanatory, but given to songs that were not on the chart the previous week and have re-entered the chart this week. (The song leaving the chart is either due to my mistake or the views dropping and then increasing.)

Hot Entry: Given to a song that enters the chart in the top 30.


  1. Koheyri Kate
  2. BlinkXsiempre
  3. Kris Aven
  4. Aminah
  5. SVT Carat
  7. hà ngânn