[TOP 15] Most Viewed SEVENTEEN Music Videos | April 2018


This is a countdown of the most watched music videos of SEVENTEEN.

This is the April update.

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Intro music: V, Jin (BTS) – It’s Definitely You (Hwarang OST)
2nd Intro music: BSS (Seventeen) – Just Do It
Outro music: V, RM (BTS) – 4 O’Clock

Amazing artwork in the endscreen by Renee.
Instagram: @thisizreneesworld

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Dancing Dann

  1. Dancing Dann
  2. StanK- Diamond^^
  3. Camille Hudon-LabontΓ©
  4. ToΓ n Nguyα»…n Đức
  5. what is Baekhyunne High on?
  6. Pervane Army
  7. you are the cause of my EUPHORIA
  8. Yoongi is ma new tongue technology
  9. ν™μ„±ν˜
  10. merlin livingston
  11. Miriam Alejo Vazquez Guerrero Mendoza