Top 3 Reasons Why Portugal The Man Is Trending


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They’ve conquered Shazam and have been heard on Jimmy Fallon, but how? Welcome To and today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the top 3 reasons Portugal. The Man is trending. This American band from Portland, Oregon are making waves online, especially with their smash hit “Feel It Still”. Are you a fan of ‘The Man’? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Ryan L.
  2. Methefuhrer
  3. Maria João Cano
  4. martel anderson
  5. Mrs Potato Head
  6. Maria Fernanda Cantelli
  7. Grecia Oceguera
  8. Almighty Antichrist
  9. Riickky562
  10. Tim Bosley
  11. VictoryMark
  12. piggybankvillan
  13. Paul Sklar
  14. DD
  15. Tatzuu
  16. Lee Torry
  17. Hugh Mungus
  18. oasisbeyond
  19. qadri rulzdood
  20. Dexter Morgan
  21. Elefantensomgillar
  22. JonnySuite13
  23. Megamigit23
  24. Max, I guess
  25. Tyguy760
  26. vanthursday
  27. dario HC
  28. tia thomas
  29. smally1986
  30. Michael von Hirschmann
  31. Icantaffordcollege
  32. Jonathan Torres
  33. Salty Tom Cat
  34. Adam Prime
  35. Nicki Collis
  36. Nicki Collis
  37. DeaconTaylor