[ TOP 37 ] Most Viewed Korean Drama OST Music Videos


So this time i decided to bring you the most viewed korean Drama OST Music Videos. Honestly i find kdrama ost so emotional that i got depressed everytime ahah

This video was kinda hard to make because i had to search a lot for this video (I decided not to include Fanmade videos, Videos that were not in official channels and songs that had no music video) so I’m really sorry if I missed any Mv, i did my besta ahah

Ok 2 mistakes:
1) sorry i can’t believe that i wrote “Chalanges” instead of “Challenges” in Xiumin song
2) Park Boram song it’s from “Reply 1988” and not “Reply 1997” and Eunji x Inguk song it’s from “Reply 1997”

Watasy Wahyo

  1. Watasy Wahyo
  2. Andrea Montachana
  3. Rhusselle Rivera
  4. yam it
  5. Bianca Anaya
  6. Happy girl
  7. Franchezka Suarez
  8. Geetanjali Sinam
  9. ONCE iGOT7
  10. Park Jiminie
  11. it's sheera kim
  12. ManagerInFangirling24/7yetdoesn'thavemoney KokoHer
  13. Shasha Divyanjalee
  14. Mali Mean
  15. yodaris sanchiz
  16. ortered 77
  17. New Soul_15
  18. Matilda Sorel
  19. Seren
  20. Ainnia Adnan
  21. Martin Acosta
  22. svt _1004_k
  23. Alice Visto
  24. Uuu lala
  25. Antoinette Pena
  26. Antoinette Pena
  27. Sultana Awad
  28. Krystal Marie
  29. Spirit'SDomaiN 869
  30. Spirit'SDomaiN 869
  31. stars of the world Nico
  32. safreen Banu
  33. yan yan