TOP 50: Most watched in 2019: 10 TO 1 – Eurovision Song Contest


It has become a Eurovision YouTube tradition to look back at the TOP 50 most watched songs of the year. It is time to find out which songs you have watched the most. It is time for the ten most watched songs of the year! Which one has been your favourite? NOTE: Advertisement views have been deducted from the total amount of views.

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Eurovision Song Contest

  1. MiSO is my religion
  2. Sotiris Glykys
  3. Олеся Стальмакова
  4. Lolita Mll
  5. Lukas F.B
  6. RehFat Gomez
  7. Ale Ksa
  9. Anna
  10. XJenny KunX
  11. Daniele Verdolini
  12. I love Koalas
  13. Oona Høeg Ståhl
  14. Batufri
  15. Emiliani Varese
  16. Emiliani Varese
  17. Hendrik B.
  18. Dundonut YT
  19. Mark Dowd
  20. C W
  21. Neil Fulcher
  22. Yonca Bilgen
  23. Leah Rowden
  24. Liekemartens_ jill_daniquexteam