Top Most Viewed African Music Videos


#africatop10 #africandance #africanmusic #africa #2nacheki Welcome to 2nacheki’s year in review a series where we look back at some of the biggest African news and events that happened during the year and in this video, we look at the Top Most Viewed African Music Video of 2017List include videos that have been released and uploaded this year by the official channel or record label of the artist on youtube

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  1. Amara conteh
  2. Funny videos that'll make your day
  3. Benjamin Bilson Addo
  4. Kriss Legrand
  6. DJ amazigh OFFICIAL
  7. Ayuba John
  8. Josephine Alinoti
  9. Neermin adem
  10. Espoir Houessou
  11. irfan1 irfan1
  12. Simon Vava
  13. B O B captain
  14. B O B captain
  15. Alberto Revilla
  16. W power
  17. newdike tz
  18. MrSivram28
  19. MrSivram28
  20. Mohammed MANOUAR
  21. Emmanuel Kingsley Udochukwu
  22. Tusara Drusia
  23. FJ-Production
  24. Jean Claude Edmond
  25. Wassim Ougoujil
  26. I Will Always Shine Everyday
  27. Mathiba Kgopa
  28. Robi Eri Boy
  29. Rohan Raghavan
  30. Nani Wattz
  31. Sports
  32. Gold Beautiez
  33. W Sweeney
  34. Atome
  35. Probinchandra Borah
  36. Jhonenri Mendoza