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Talking about fishing in Cambodia, we must remember the Tonle Sap Lake (Biggest natural lake in Cambodia). Around 600 different kinds of fish are living in this amazing giant lake. That why most of Khmer people living as Fishermen and Farmers.
Nowadays fishing in Cambodia is still depend on traditional fishing yet. Unlike in other developing countries are using modern fishing equipment. Cambodian people can fishing in all seasons include main dry and raining season. They catch fish, frog, snake, crab, snail, tortoises, bird, cricket, and insect… in the field, lake or river nearby for their food.
They have many different traditional techniques to fishing, now I will you some of the popular fishing methods that they often use to catch fish as following:
– Fishing by cast net which is use for all seasons
– Net fishing for raining season
– Spear fishing which is popular fishing
– A long net can be dragged through the water for catching big fish
– Fish traps made of bamboo which made in various sizes and shapes are set in the Lake or field during the wet season.
– Mud fishing during the summer season. Some type of fish stay in the mud during the summer season therefore the Khmer sift through the mud once the water recedes. They catch shrimps, eels, snails, crabs, frogs and cat fish
– Fish farm are very popular nowadays
– Digging a hold or pit is an amazing wat to catch fish. This fishing method is usable only in windy season
– Hook fishing
If you stay in Cambodia, you will easily see a lot of fishing activities from Cambodian people. Especially you can try the best taste of Cambodia fresh fish whenever you want during your staying.
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