Udan Panam l EPI 33 -Thattaththin Marayaththe Pennu from Brennen College l Mazhavil Manorama


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Udan Panam : The gorgeous sana from Brannan College, Thalassery came to play Udan Panam and stollen the heart of audiences. Watch the full episode of Udan Panam.

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About the show :

Udan Panam is an outdoor game show, where a contestant play an interactive game with an ATM machine situated in a public area to win cash prize. The ATM will be set up in crowded place like shopping malls, supermarkets, bus stands, railway stations, college campus and beaches.
There will be several levels between the contestants and top prize. One wrong move can drop them off from the game. The contestants are challenged between a mix of knowledge based questions and actions based tasks. The task must be accomplished by the contestants during a given time to win the cash. The cash prize won will can be withdrawn by the contestant at the end.

The show aims to catch surprise and excitement of the common people while they become contestants all of a sudden.

About the Channel:
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