Vidya Vox – Thalaivi (Official Video)


Official music video for the original single “Thalaivi” by Vidya Vox.
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Hey guys! Here’s the video for my new single “Thalaivi.” It means female leader in Tamil, which is my native language. We shot this video before quarantine in Chennai. The drums that the girls are playing are called tapattam, a traditional Tamil folk instrument. The song was inspired by all thalaivis in my life – my grandmother and mom, who’ve been through so much, and sacrificed their dreams so I could live mine. This is goes out to all the Thalaivis, all the queens, who are hustling and grinding, while doing it with style. We had so much fun creating this song and video! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Video executive producer: Rajima, my grandma
Song written by: Vidya Vox & Shankar Tucker
Song produced by: Shankar Tucker

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Sun up, hair down
Glitter in gold

Got my ladies by my side
What you been told?
Independent, gotta take pride, yeah
‘Coz I’m loving living my life, yeah

World’s at my feet, Sari round my waist
Working hard, not a hair out of place
We don’t fit the rules we break ‘em,
Fingers dripping in thangam

We just having fun
Cuz we number one
Keep on fighting, ladies we already won

Thalaivi, show em how it’s done
Tane Tana Tana Tane Tane Tana

You think I’m just a lady
But don’t underestimate me
Something more than just a body
When the music elevates me

I’m not bossy, I’m the boss
Make my own way, I ain’t lost
Brains and beauty, we can have it all
Try to push me down but I won’t want fall
Thalaivi, show em how it’s done
Tane Tana Tana Tane Tane Tana

Ladies side by side
Be a ride or die
If you feel it let me see your hands put ‘em high

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