Viral video claims to show woman give birth to goat; Pet squirrel fends off burglar – 02/17/2017


1. A video supposedly showing a woman having just given birth to a goat has gone viral. Media reports out of Nigeria this past week offer sparse and absurd details surrounding the incident.

2. A thief who broke into a Meridian, Idaho home had the bejesus scared out of him, after discovering a guard squirrel on the premises.

3. A man believed to be Wuhan’s fattest person took a spill on a city sidewalk earlier this week, and needed the help of roughly 20 people to get back on his feet.

4. A young Vietnamese woman died after her face was destroyed by a flesh eating fungus after developing a sinus infection.

5. The Lake Berryessa reservoir in northern California is set to reach full capacity for the first time in 11 years. If that happens, water will begin flowing into the lake’s Glory Hole spillway like a giant bathtub drain. Crowds of tourists are expected to flock to the area to see the unusual sight.

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