Viral Video: Delhi aunty asks men in restaurant to rape women wearing short dresses,slut shame women


‘re recording no? Hello guys. These ladies want to wear short to short dresses to encourage all to see them. All these ladies wear short dresses or get naked to [get] raped.”

These are the words a middle-aged woman tells a group of young women in Delhi.

When it comes to sexual violence, women are often shamed for their behaviour which prompts men to assault them. A video going viral on social media perfectly showcases the horrifying mentality that exists surrounding rape and rape culture in India.

The video shared by a Delhi woman shows a group of young women confronting an older woman who purportedly shamed them for wearing short dresses and told them they would be raped.

The woman who shared the video on social media, wrote, “So my friends and I were at a restaurant getting some snacks when I got told I should be ashamed of wearing a short length dress.”

She claimed that she and her friends decided to confront the woman who made the comment. And that is when the older woman told them “they deserved to get raped.”

It gets worse though.

The older woman then allegedly proceeded to ask men sitting in the restaurant to rape such women (those who wear short dresses) the moment they chance upon them.

Disgusted by her words, the group of young women decided to follow her to a shopping centre nearby where they started questioning the woman’s mindset and started recording her.

The 10-minute video posted on social media shows the young women confronting the older woman in the shopping centre. cannot independently vouch for the authenticity of the claims made by the women.

The group asked the middle-aged woman to apologise repeatedly, but she refused to pay heed to them. She can be seen strolling through the store, trying to avoid the group.

When the young women persisted in their efforts to shame the woman, she asked the store staff to call the police.

“How dare they” is the older woman’s response to the young women asking her to apologise for her words. When told her comments will go viral if she doesn’t say sorry, the woman brazenly says “go ahead”.

The video shows another woman who was in the store come to the young women’s support upon hearing the commotion. She too slams the middle-aged woman for her regressive attitude, reminding her that it is women’s right to wear what they want. Even her requests to the older woman to apologise fall on deaf ears.

In fact, when asked why infants or elderly women who dress conservatively get raped, the older woman simply says “They [those who rape children or elderly woman] must be psychic.”

The video ends with the older woman declaring that all of India should hear her views.

At the time of filing this story, the video had gathered more than 1 million views on Instagram and 32,000 views on Facebook. Netizens praised the young women for standing up to the toxic mentality they witnessed.

However, Instagram soon took down the video shared by the group of young women.


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