WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! A weird test video made with the 2008 WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER.


WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! A retarded test video made with the 2008 Movie Maker.

YouTube Cancer video | A video about nothing |Waste of Time video | Retarded video

The people in the video are NOT RETARDED and/or NOT WEIRD. What is retarded is the video itself. These are some of my friends from Robinson’s Metro East toy section and my Brods and sises of the UPLB Forestry Society.

“Cancer Videos” are videos that DO NOT refer the illness, but rather to videos whose content has nothing to it and is usually a waste of time to view.

Feel free to use my videos. Just add me in the credits and let me know where you used it.

This is a test video I made using the 2008 Movie maker. The 2008 Movie maker in my opinion is more user friendly than the 2014 one which I now have. I don’t use the current one I have to film my Youtube videos, that is why the style of my videos are always raw, or what I refer as “Shoot to post” videos.

The camera I used was a Cannon Cyber Shot Digital camera.

Video is for a non-profit purpose. Purpose of this video is for review purposes only. I DO NOT make any money with the videos I post.

For my referece: TESTING

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