Hey guys, welcome back to another video where I play Girls Go Games. Ahhh, haven’t you missed these videos? Well today is your lucky day. We’re back looking at some weird and wonderful celebrity games.

I finally get to find out who my celeb best friend is, ohmygosh!


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  1. Kyli Kurtz
  2. Sabrina Pagan
  3. Vernessa Taylor
  4. Angelica Lozano
  5. PinkFluffyCaticorn
  6. Amanda and Chase Chappell
  7. Kawwaikitty111 Kutekitty595
  8. shadow kitten
  9. Angel Coradini
  10. Cat Lover
  11. Fr0zen0kami
  12. Ana
  13. PastelRainbows MSP
  14. Alex Dim
  15. Renee Luk
  16. Nathalie Sandoval
  17. Teagan Reeves
  18. Jennifer Wester
  19. Jennifer Wester
  20. Jennifer Wester
  21. Double Deckerdating
  22. pink unicorn cat
  23. 5 nights at Freda's girl 123 :3
  24. RileyPoP
  25. Alicia Cordova-Johnson
  26. Analeese Millares
  27. Gerda Zilinskiene
  28. Gerda Zilinskiene
  29. 85Terezka
  30. Mackenzie Allison
  31. Girl Gaming
  32. KMichelle- Magestical
  33. October MRae
  34. M
  35. Charlotte Spurrier
  36. bukaw ako
  37. kenzie bullard
  38. Reveca Dela Paz
  39. Kawai_Girl_Cat_Gamer!1000
  40. A Raza