What if Humans were Immortal? | #aumsum #kids #science


Firstly, planet Earth will be overflown by Humans. As nobody will die, population control will be the single biggest issue worldwide.
Secondly, only immortality is promised but being healthy will be individual persons responsibility. Healthcare will become the biggest industry in the world.
Thirdly, this will be sad news for many animal species. Very few will be able to survive this human onslaught.
Fourthly, many people will be under no hurry to accomplish something in life, creativity might take a huge dip.
Fifthly, many people will probably get bored as they will have no idea what to do after a few hundred years.
Also, with so much time on hand, interstellar travel like the one seen in Star Wars might become a reality.
Lastly, cemeteries and graveyards will be shutdown worldwide.

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