What The HELL Is Going On With PATRICK MCCAW And His WEIRD Situation!?


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So Paddy Mccaw is someone, who after spending 2 years at UNLV. Was a second-round pick in 2016, who golden state acquired from Milwaukee for cash considerations on draft night. At the time warriors executive board member, Jerry the logo west. Went out and said ‘teams are gonna be sorry they didn’t draft him’. McCaw spent his rookie and sophomore season with the warriors, contributing off the bench and even started 33 of his 182 games. During this 2 year stretch, Mccaw won 2 NBA championships and saw a tonne of playing time. Averaging around 15 minutes a game. Paddy was one of the young guys, along with the likes of Cook, Jordan Bell etc. The warriors hoped could groom into their go-to second unit guys, as the likes of Livingston, Iguodala etc continue to age. However, things took a turn for the worst, March 31st of this year. With 42 seconds left a third-quarter game against the Kings. McCaw drove baseline, only to be undercut mid-air by Vince Carter. Sending him down from a height in agony, McCaw laid still for 10 minutes before being stretched off and taken to hospital for further evaluation. The next he was released with a bruised lumbar spine. Less serious than expected, Paddy returned that season and featuring in game 6 the western conference finals against Houston. Ultimately come the end of the postseason becoming a 2-time champ. Now here’s where things get weird, following the 2017-18 season. Mccaw became a restricted free agent, however, he allowed the warriors 1.7million qualifying offer to expire, and has remained a restricted free agent since. He also refused to sign a generous two year 4 million offer against his representative’s wishes, freezing them out and listening to his family.
McCaw’s decision to hold out appeared more bizarre by the week, but he clearly wanted a longer term deal which would avoid him being a restricted free agent, as well as more consistent minutes than he thought he would get with the Warriors. Ironically McCaw probably would have got those more consistent minutes this year had he been on the team after Nick Young departed. Instead, training camp invites Alfonzo McKinnie has taken full advantage of his opportunity and hasn’t looked back since. It literally wasn’t until today, 35 games into the season. When McCaw accepted an offer, however, this offer came from the Cavaliers. A 6 million 2 year deal offer sheet, that the Warriors have the right to match if they choose to. A stance they’ve remained committed to throughout this process. At this point for Golden State, it’d probably just be best to let him walk, he’s made it abundantly clear he doesn’t want play for the Warriors. Who have up to January 7th to waive him. I’ll never quite understand why someone would opt out of being apart of a dynasty like the warriors, I’m sure the possibility of having 3 championships at age 23, would do him better in the long run than the couple of million he’s left on the table. For an extra couple of hundred thousand a year, Mccaw is going from arguably the best to the worst team in the league. At the expense of a highly probable third championship ring? In my opinion, I feel this is a decision he’s gonna wind up regretting. I wouldn’t wanna see McCaw go out like Norris Cole did, who likewise was drafted into luxury winning 2 championships with the heat. Cole was out of the NBA by 2017 and has since played in Israel and Montenegro. I guess you can never fully blame a man, for chasing the bag. Understanding that an athlete has a short shelf life and all, but to be honest. In Paddy’s case, I can’t understand why you would rather sit out a third of the season. Than be continue to be a part of something special. Here’s hoping McCaw can come out and til us whatever’s going on in that warrior’s locker room, that drove him outta San Francisco



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