WHICH KID TAKES THE BEST INSTAGRAM PHOTO? *Celebrity Judges* Challenge w/ The Norris Nuts


WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO for clues on the Celebrity Judge. Watch next WHICH KID BEST TIKTOK https://youtu.be/wb6ilZa76Io LAST TO LEAVE THE SWIM CENTER https://youtu.be/HGX31br5XD4 4 KIDS, 4 DIFFERENT WAYS GENDER REVEAL https://youtu.be/sBzPrwwivuA Watch all to be a LEGEND

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In this video The Norris Nuts try to take the best photo judged by celebrity judges. The Norris Nuts try to guess who the judges are when Mama tells them a series of clues to help them guess who will judge their best Instagram photo. This video similar WHICH NORRIS NUT MAKES THE BEST TIKTOK which was a very successful original Norris Nut video. There’s actually a twist where each one of the Norris Nuts must use a face for their Instagram photograph that they draw out of a hat. They have to use that as an facial expression in the photo. One of the faces is the Face that Biggy make when he plays games on Norris Nuts Gaming channel. Can you guess the celebrity judges also? Watch the whole video to work out all the clues for the Best Norris Nut Instagram Photo.

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Big Thanks for Sdiezzel, Estella, Txunamy, Diezel and Solage + Baby Ranger for the help with this video. Go watch a bunch of their videos on their channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ZOSZ-Bpass2ZkJY9q9ISg

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