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Jennifer Lawrence opened up about that heartbreaking nude photo hacking scandal that rocked Hollywood in 2014. She said it is still hard to process but there’s one reason why she never chose to sue.

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Jennifer Lawrence is still reeling from that nude photo leak back in 2014… and she just opened up about how it still makes her feel.

The 27-year-old was speaking on an episode of The Hollywood Reporter’s podcast when the topic came up, and it still shocks her that there’s not one person in the world not capable of seeing those photos.

She said you could be at a barbeque and somebody could just pull them up on their phone – and that was a really impossible thing to process.

Of course she wasn’t the only star affected by the hacking scandal… and a lot of the women reached out to her about suing Apple – but not JLaw, that wasn’t going to bring her peace, or bring back her nude body. So she wasn’t interested in suing everybody. She was just interested in healing.

She added that thinking back about it all was so unbelievably violating that she’s still processing it. When she found out it was happening it felt like a ransom situation and even years later it made her not want to do anything sexual on-screen.

As many as 100 celebs were targeted in the attack, including Kirsten Dunst and Kate Upton.


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Why Jennifer Lawrence Didn’t Sue After Photo Hack | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

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