World of Tanks – Epic wins and fails [Episode 58]

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Music used (in order):
Moe Shop – Highlight
Anella – Red Stilettos
Rob Gasser – Ricochet

Intro song:
D-Providerz – Flame On The Brain

Outro song:
JKuch – Nova

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  1. izi freb
  2. Adam Divis
  3. LOL
  4. Joakim Moisio
  5. Alexander Stoyanov
  6. Andrew Do
  7. Jesse Roseberry
  8. Raziel Zend
  9. most likely that the right Wati
  10. The_RoyalTiger
  11. Isaac Archer
  12. петя петров
  13. Nicholas Piberius Niegryzowany
  14. Black Sheep
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  16. James Kan
  17. Michał Rychlik
  18. Dede Saputra Pratama
  19. Petr Mišek
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  21. Those were The only ones
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